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Next Chapter in Life

My summer is about to finish its chapter and it's now time to start writing my new chapter in life. I start my final year in college in the fall and I can't be thrilled to begin this part of my life. It's a bittersweet moment knowing that this next year will be my last of everything as an undergraduate student. However, this is just a start of a brand new story. Coming into this year, I'm ready to start exploring career opportunities that'll best fit me.

I knew for a long time I've always wanted a career in the beauty or fashion industry. As much as I love food and working in a food marketing brand, I know this isn't my calling. Food has been a new hobby for me, but beauty and fashion is something I've always loved since a young age. To see a small cloth become a dress or a glitter become an eyeshadow palette- this is the type of field where I see myself succeed and grow. I'm excited to look into new internship and career paths that best fit the fas…

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